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Perforated nylon release film for composites solution

Perforated Release Films are placed between peel ply (if used) and the breather to allow volatiles and excess resin to bleed away.

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Product Detail

High temperature perforated nylon release film for vacuum processing

The density of the perforation plus the diameter of the hole help to control the flow of resin bled away from the laminate.Some films are release coated to enable an easy separation from the laminate with the breather bleeder. Perforated nylon release film are used against the tool surface to ensure easy release of the component from the tool and also for use as a separating layer between the component and breather fabric to prevent component adhesion to the fabric. Care should be taken with release coated films that are placed directly against a laminate.


1. perforated Release film has good gas permeability,

2. high temperature resistant and isolation performance,

3. replacing peel ply applied to wind-power blades, yachts, plane seat etc vacuum forming technology,

4. it's the best choice of vacuum forming release film; also the material of making flower and bread bag.

Product detail

Color                                                      Red

Raw Material                                         PA and PE

Temperature Resistance                   Max 180 °C

Thickness                                             30 micron

Width                                                     1.3mm/1.5m

Length per roll                                        600m


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